Unchained IRL

UNCHAINED started as an online idea and became a real life pop up exhibit at the Winter Studio gallery in Wenham this weekend. Both days drew a lively gathering of North Shore artists and art lovers, with engaging conversations and unexpected connections (one of the best was my friend Dick Morgan who remembers playing in the Wingate barn when he was a child.) Thanks to George and Penny Wingate for their warm and welcome hosting.

We had a few last minute substitutions from the online version of the show, but everything came together and had a cohesive sense. Here are a few installation views.

The Wingate barn in its fall colors. The Winter Studio gallery is in the back.

View from the back of the barn, looking onto the windows of the gallery space

View of the gardens from the Winter Studio

Entry into the multi-level Wingate barn
Winter Studio gallery in late fall sunlight

Collage by Renee Collins (on the left) and sculpture by Elizabeth Mead

Elizabeth Mead and wood cut by Holly Meade

Photo by Dennis Cowley

Paper cut out by Anne Pelikan (on the left) and mixed media piece by Patty Hanlon

Close up of piece by Anne Pelikan

Close up of piece by Patty Hanlon

Wall piece by Lynette Haggard

Mixed media piece by Robert Hanlon

Painting by Deborah Barlow (on the left) and collage by Don Howard

Painting by Paula Overbay

Collage by Mary Smith

Painting by George Wingate

Mixed media painting by Pam Farrell

Drawing by Kelvy Bird (sorry for the reflection—very difficult to photograph with glass!)

Artist Anne Pelikan (in red) and Nancy Mering

Artist Lynette Haggard and husband Greg

Gordon College’s Bruce Herman and Peggy Godin

George Wingate, using words

Penny Wingate

George Wingate

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UNCHAINED came into being last summer as a personal response to the Chain Letter Show, a worldwide exhibit event of art chosen by artists. George Wingate and Deborah Barlow, friends since they shared studio space in New York City in the 1970s, have assembled this show of small works by artists they know and admire.

In its first incarnation, UNCHAINED was an online exhibit (and can be seen here.) Now UNCHAINED is on view at the following location:

72 Dodges Row
Wenham MA 01984

November 2011

Viewing hours:
Saturday, November 12, 1-5pm
Sunday, November 13, 1-5pm
And by appointment

For more information:

George Wingate (978) 468-3920
Deborah Barlow (617) 838-7080

Artists represented in this show:

Deborah Barlow, Kelvy Bird, Renee Collins Dennis Cowley, Pam Farrell, Lynette Haggard, Patty Hanlon, Robert Hanlon, Don Howard, Elizabeth Mead, Holly Meade, Paula Overbay, Anne Pelikan, Mary Smith and George Wingate.

Works from the show are show below.

(Please note: To see the entire exhibit, click on “older posts” at the bottom of this page.)

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Deborah Barlow

Deborah Barlow
18 x 18″
mixed media on wood panel

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Kelvy Bird

Kelvy Bird
20 x 20″
Mixed media on paper

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Renee Collins

Renee Collins
5 x 5″
Collage on paper

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Dennis Cowley

Dennis Cowley
View from Browns Island 2010
4 x 5″
silver gelatin print (pinhole)

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Pam Farrell

Pam Farrell
Chinese Whispers
18 x 18″
Beeswax over oil on mulberry paper on wood panel

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Lynette Haggard

Lynette Haggard
Rhythmo Box No. 5
12 x 13 x 9″
Plaster, foam, oil stick

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Patty Hanlon

Patty Hanlon
Blue Scenery
5 x 6″
Plexiglass CD box, latex gloves, pigments

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Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon
The Decision
5 x 10″
Pigment and shellac on panel

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